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Fire Control G2

The Fire Control G2 simplifies the world of SFX by enabling the user to program and control different types of units, all from just one device. It is a visionary creation of cutting edge technology with one mission; letting you focus on the total experience and give you full control over your show. It is just as simple and powerful as you would want it to be!

Software and hardware is seamlessly integrated; by using the latest technology and components it creates a powerful multimedia tool. Fire Control G2 provides all desirable communication functionality, has a user-friendly management system and a future proof technology platform.

Shows are grouped into a project

Fire Control G2 makes editing and programming of the shows easier. The graphical user interface simplifies creation of shows and several shows can be combined into a queue before being executed as a project. This gives great overview and the interface allows you to easily switch between shows, projects or your stage layout.

(By putting your shows into projects it will give you an overview like you have never seen before. Individual shows are arranged into a playlist and executed accordingly. The graphical interface allows you to easily switch between shows, projects or your stage layout.)

Programmable simultaneous sequences

Fire Control G2 gives you the possibility to combine pyrotechnic effects, DMX and relay units into the same controller. Your show scripts are built as queues and a queue can include a mix of pyrotechnical effects, DMX units and relay units. You can launch an automatically programmed sequence with millisecond precision and at the same time fire pre-programmed queues manually.

Graphical display of equipment

A graphical presentation of your stage layout gives you a full overview of your DMX units, relay units and field modules for both editing and testing. During a show you can switch to the layout view at any time and quickly disable specific units temporarily.


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