• Works on alcohol based  flame fluid
  • 4 different flame colors (yellow, orange, red, green)
  • 5 output angles
  • Double pump system for constant pressure
  • Immediate response, very fast flame effects
  • Comet or flame mode
  • Compact system
  • DMX controllable
  • Safety channel
  • Install with a remote
  • 2 red LED safety indicators
  • Plug and play system
  • Mount in truss, put on (or build in) stages

Remote included.

Additional information

Art. nrMFX1301
Box quantity1
ConsumptionMAGICFX® Flame Fluid (yellow, red, orange, green)
ControlDMX / Infrared remote
Max distance5 different angles, up to 6 m
Power250 W
Warranty3 years!
Voltage230 V